What is the science behind the energy patches?

Answer by David Schmidt, inventor of life wave energy patches.

One of the most common questions that people ask me is “How did you come up with this incredible technology”? So, I will share my story with you.

Began inventing at 8 years old

I was about 8 years old when I built my first robot; well, I don’t know how good of a robot it was, but it was remote controlled, able to move back and forth, and have some basic movements. Not bad considering that I had been able to build almost all of it from my brother’s race car set. Upon showing my creation to my father he said, “Wow Dave that’s pretty good, but what did you make it from”? When I gave him my answer he suggested that I put my older brother’s race car set back together before my brother came home unless I wanted some real trouble. So began my life as an inventor.

Got a programming degree

I went on to get my degree in Management Information Systems only to discover after 4 years of higher education that I really did not want to be programming computers the rest of my life. So I did what seemed to be the logical thing: I got a job designing medical devices.

Changed professions to medical device development

Say What? As it turned out, my mentor and friend owned a small medical device development business in New Jersey and was willing to take me on to teach me how to do research and development. Most of the time I was creating problems from not knowing what I was doing, however after about a year at this I decided to go back to school to get a degree in Biology as it now appeared that I was on the right track as far as my future was concerned.

Back to first love — Inventing Things

Fast forward 10 years. I am now living the Atlanta, GA area and as opportunity would have it I decide to join up with a local inventors club called “The Inventors Clubs of America” owned and run by Dr. Alex Marinachio. Dr. Alex becomes immediately intrigued with my inventions and we become fast friends. He nominates me for an award to the International Hall of Fame and I receive an Advanced Technology Award for my invention of “Sea-Ment” a catalyst for forming a new type of cement based on sea water. As a result of receiving this award I am approached by a group interested in taking my inventions to market. The deal sounds good so I join this North Georgia think tank and off we go.

The reason why I accepted this opportunity was because some of the people that I had a chance to work with came out of star wars missile defense and other military projects. We were designing new technology for both commercial and military applications.

Invents an amazing oxygen generator

One of the new technologies that I invented was a new type of Oxygen generator for the emergency production of Oxygen. As an example, on a submarine – in the event that the Nuclear Reactor needs to be taken offline – the crew must resort to a device called a chlorate candle for producing breathable Oxygen gas. The problem with these “candles” is that they are not very efficient, produce toxic and dirty fumes, and once you light them you cannot put them out. What I came up with was anew method for producing Oxygen gas. As a comparison, if you look at the 35 lb. cylinder that fireman use to get 30 to 60 minutes of air, my device was the size of a can of Coke yet could product about 4 hours of Oxygen! Needless to say, I produced an “impossible device that drew the attention of all who saw it.

Asked to help with a Navy Seal project

Then one day I received a call from someone who is a well respected Nuclear Engineer at a well known government contractor. He said to me that he had been impressed with my group’s out of the box” thinking and that he wanted to invite me to participate in the design of the Navy’s next generation submarine, a new class of mini-sub.

Now a mini-sub for the Navy is something about 60 feet long! What was interesting about this project was that this sub was going to be manned by Navy Seals, and because of the nature of the missions it would be highly desirable to find ways to improve the crews survivability. There were delays in getting this project started so I never officially joined, however there were certain aspects of this project that intrigued me. For example, the Navy frowned upon stimulants, energy drinks, pep pills, etc. so none of this would be permitted on the mini-sub. In addition (as you can probably imagine) space is a premium on a mini-sub, so anything that can improve survivability would have to be small, compact and light.

Starts thinking about “out of the box” ways to make the human body program itself to be more survivable, stronger and better functioning

Then, the moment that every inventor loves hit me: the thought occurred to me that we have wireless communication today in the form of cell phones and satellite TV; why not have a way to wirelessly communicate with the human body. A device that could “talk” to the body to ask the body to do different things.

If you could talk to your body, what would you ask it to do? Would you ask your body to make your muscles bigger? How about improve your energy and stamina? Make you smarter? Stronger? Lose that extra body fat? Well, I think you get the idea. But is such a thing possible? Doesn’t this sound a bit like science fiction? I mean, after all, how could any device “talk” to our body, with the body following these instructions?

Well, as it turns out, there IS a way to do it, and that’s what the LifeWave technology is all about!

Explanation about human electromagnetic fields, which are the key to “talking” to our body’s cells

Back in the early 1980’s a scientist in the United States named Dr. John Zimmerman was using a device known as a SQUID magnetometer ( a giant coil of wire that is superconducting) to detect very small pulsating magnetic fields directly above the surface of the human body. The magnetic fields were so small (pico-tesla range that the SQUID that he used consisted of about 2,000,000 turns of wire! But the important thing was the he DID find that the human body did emit pulsating magnetic fields. But where did these magnetic fields come from?

Do you remember in high school when you learned that electrons flowing through a wire/conductor produced magnetic fields at right angles? Well guess what is flowing through our bodies all of the time? Electrons! And isn’t our body a conductor of electricity? Those electrolytes must be doing something electrical! Not to mention how nerve impulses travel from the brain to the muscles in our bodies.

OK, so we have a pulsating magnetic fields around us, so what? How could we use this knowledge for any type of benefit? Well, when was the last time you used a radio? Do you remember seeing something that said AM of FM? This stands for Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation (respectively) but is a fancy way of saying that we take a high frequency carrier wave and modulate it so that we can encode information on the wave.

Then there is a little thing called resonant energy transfer. Did you ever throw a stone in a lake and watch the stone create ripples? or did you ever surf on the north shore of Hawaii? Those big waves can actually form from earthquakes in Alaska! That’s resonant energy transfer and it is the process by which energy is moved from one place to another in a resonant fashion. For example hold one end of a rope and give the other to someone else to hold. Now start to create a “wave “ in the rope; the wave will travel from one end of the rope to the other. This is resonant energy transfer.

One last lesson and then on to LifeWave!

Did you ever wonder how the human body is able to detect things like free radicals and send antioxidants to stop them? This is known as a proceed called signal transduction, and without getting into the biochemistry this is the process by which biochemical messages are sent between the cell nucleus and other parts of the cell. Suffice ti to say that the DNA in the cell is able to send receive messages, however this process is typically thought of as being a biochemical process rather than an electronic process.

Now, enter LifeWave!

What I was able to do was to invent a method by which I could “program” organic structures the same way that we program computer chips! I started with ordinary materials like amino acids and specific sugars (I only work with materials that the FDA lists as safe and things that people at) and put them into water-based solutions. I then process these materials in a very special way so that they are capable of “talking” to the human body. The amazing thing about the LifeWave patches is that NOTHING enters the body; instead, we have a patch that communicates with the body to cause different things to happen. In the case of LifeWave energy patches what we find is that within minutes of using the patches there is a dramatic gain in stamina. Because LifeWave IS NOT a stimulant, you will “feel” this increase in energy no jitters or energy rush) but just go ahead and do a workout and you will find that you will not get as tired or fatigued – Do you feel food being converted into energy – LifeWave is a similar phenomena).

Launching a company to share nanotechnology patches that instruct the body how to be stronger, faster and have more energy!

After developing this radically new technology, David Schmidt has been trying to financially capitalize on this technology in the best way possible for the past several years.

He has also been working on new applications of his biological signaling amino acid patches. These new applications that will be made available to the public in 2005 include:

Sleep patches

HGH stimulating patches

Muscle tissue growing patches

So far in David’s efforts to get the marketing of this new technology going… beginning with the energy patches, there have been two false starts with network marketing companies. Numerous companies have offered to buy the technology outright from Dave… but he doesn’t want this.

With the final company launch of LifeWave in 2004… enrollments began in November, product is shipping in late November and it all looks good. LifeWave is going to be the fastest launch of any networking company ever… because it is something new and phenomenal that can proved instantly. No one without Energy Patches will be able to compete against those with them. Everyone who wants to feel young and energetic will appreciate them.

You can position yourself to benefit.

Are the energy patches approved by any regulatory agencies?

Are the energy patches approved by any regulatory agencies?

Yes, they have been tested by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and it has been verified by this agency that nothing physical enters the body. The paches have been approved for Olympic competition and the energy patches were used in training and competition by many of our United States Olympic swimmers in 2004, including Michael Phelps. All materials in the Energy Patch are listed by the FDA as completely safe… under 21 CFR. The Energy Patch is manufactured at FDA registered facilities.

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