The Energy Patches provide seniors with a 2nd chance at childhood with:


The Energy Patches provides seniors with a 2nd chance at childhood with:

  • significant increase in one’s capability for physical exertion
  • Much more rapid recovery after exertion

With Energy Patches... you won’t tire as rapidly… so you can walk further… dance longer… and enjoy yourself more.


In reviewing what seniors must do to fully benefit from Energy Patches we provide the following tips:

  • You won’t feel different. There is no feeling whatsoever to wearing the energy patches. You just have more ability to do… You will have to prove it to yourself by seeing how much more you can exert yourself.
  • It may take a while for the energy to kick in. Electro-meridian energy pathways are often compromised in senior citizens. Energy Patches will first revitalize these pathways… and then begin to effectively communicate to your cells. Therefore, we suggest utilizing all four of the major meridian points— rotating from one point to the next for the first month. In other words, wear the patches on the chest/shoulders, then on the forearms, then on the knees, then on the ankles… then back to the chest/shoulders. You can also experiment with other meridian points in the back, stomach and backs of the calves, etc. This will revitalize your body’s circuitry. You may feel like you are wasting the patches… since the energy increase won’t be felt unless your pathways are working properly. But, doing this is worth it. The more you use the Energy Patches… the better they will work.
  • Wear the patches from morning until going to bed. Then skip a day… (or you can go four days with patches on then three days with the patches off).
  • Keep in mind, when trying to locate the patches on your body that you are trying to locate unblocked electromagnetic meridian juncture points in your body. These meridians transport the signal from the patches. With this in mind:
    • Experiment by using different locations… until you find the best locations for you. (You will only be able to tell if you muscle test… for strength and endurance… or just go about your day… and see if you can accomplish more.)
    • And, utilize muscle testing to find your strongest points… these are the locations best suited for placing the energy patches.

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Here are testimonials from seniors regarding the patches:

Marvin Barre,  Atlanta Executive says, “My wife and I have been using the LifeWave patches for a year now, and getting super results. We like to wear them daily for energy, especially if we have strenuous activities to do, like painting and yard work. I always wear them when playing golf.”

Tony Berto Retired HS Hall of Fame Football Coach, Delphi, Indiana says, “Before wearing the LIFEWAVE patches, I thought my days of being an active and productive adult were over. Bad circulation in both legs kept me from participating in the activities I used to take for granted. Soon after I started wearing the patches, I began to feel much better. I am doing things now that I only used to do 10 years ago.I’ve noticed a huge difference in my attitude and outlook for the future. It’s wonderful to feel this good again, and I attribute it to the extra energy that the LIFEWAVE patches have given me. Thank you very much.”

Barry Williamsl, says, “I have to tell you two amazing stories from my mother, Rita Williams. She is 78 years old and just had 5 way by-pass surgery.

First she said she needed to increase her leg strength and was starting to ride a stationary bike, I sent her some patches and told her to use them after her normal ride. She called and said she normally did 1/4 mile. Afterwards she waited for ten minutes, put on the patches, and did one whole mile.

But then she called me again last night and told me the most heart warming story:
Mom confessed that since her new grandson was born 8 months ago she has not been able to pick him up (20 lbs), so she was limited to someone passing the baby to her while she was sitting down. But yesterday when Amy brought the child over, she decided to put on the patches. She proceeded to not only pick the baby up from the crib; she carried him around for another hour. “And I didn’t get tired at all”. She said it was the best day of her life and why had I not sent her more patches? I promised to send more immediately.

“It was like I was at least 10 years younger.”

Eric Robinson, San Jose, Costa Rica says, “I am the reining Latin American and Caribbean Over-All Masters Swimming Champion in the 50 to 54 year class. I was very skeptical of the LIFEWAVE patches, but now I swear by them. When I don’t have a patch on, I feel lethargic, and lazy, and find in workouts it is much more difficult physically and mentally to maintain a high level of effort. Without the patches my muscles get heavy, and my arms start to feel like rubber in a short period of time. With the patch I can take a week or two off and climb back into the pool, and pick up right where I left off, they are amazing! You don’t get tired easily, even doing butterfly! Being a Masters Swimmer at 52 years old, the LIFEWAVE patches just came along in time. I hope my competition doesn’t discover them before I go to the Worlds in 2007!”

Jerry McGee, Tour Professional, Champions Tour, Senior PGA , says, “I really love them. I used the patches everyday in my last event, which was a major and I could definitely tell a difference. My energy was great and I felt terrific. Since then, I’ve also started wearing them when I practice. Thanks so much.”


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