LifeWave Energy Patches Make Such a Big Difference for Athletes that… the athlete wearing Energy Patches WILL ALWAYS WIN!



LifeWave Energy Patches Make Such a Big Difference for Athletes that…
given two athletes of equal talent and conditioning,
desire and mental “up-ness”…
the athlete wearing Energy Patches

The Energy Patches provide athletes with:

extra performance with no downside

far less lactic acid buildup in muscles for less soreness… and in many cases, almost instant recovery after exertion

A review for athletes, excerpts by Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, MD CCN

LifeWave Energy Patches are much more powerful than supplements such as Creatine, Glutamine or protein powders or any other supplement. An athlete in competition would have little chance in a real life match-up against a man or woman using the LifeWave technology. LifeWave is also safer and more effective to use for performance enhancement than steroids.

With the Energy Patches you will be able to reach new levels of energy and stamina within 1 week that would normally take months of intense training to achieve. And, if you are competing, you can devastate another athlete by not becoming as tired, fatigued or worn out.

You can demonstrate to yourself improvements in energy and stamina that are so fast it is almost impossible to believe. You can achieve these results regardless of age, sex or race. You can use the LifeWave Energy Patch technology as often as you like to achieve your own desired level of performance. You can use the Energy Patches in competition—many people already have done this to outperform and outlast everyone else.

Supplements like Creatine and Glutamine require at least a few weeks before any noticeable improvements in strength or stamina can be seen. Energy Patches start to work in minutes, and measurable increase in energy and stamina can be demonstrated in as little as 10 minutes. The Energy Patches are only enhanced by hydration and good nutrition. Here are some examples of results:


One man who tried the Energy Patches normally worked out with 185 lbs. in the Bench Press for 8 reps. With the Energy Patches he was able to do 14 reps—a 75% increase in pure stamina within a few minutes.

A teenager who participated in our tests usually Bench Pressed 150 pounds for 12 reps and was not able to do 13 reps. He used the Energy Patches, and after only 10 minutes was able to do 21 reps—again a 75% increase in strength and endurance within just a few minutes.

Two Surprise Benefits of the Energy Patches

Confidence and Peace of Mind – you will no longer fear the competition.

More Energy throughout your entire day.

Getting that 5% Increase in Stamina

Statistics show that there is less than 5% difference in performance between those athletes that “make it” and those that don’t. Think about it. when you watch the Olympics, there is less than 1 second that separates the first place Gold medal winner from the losers in timed competitions. And these athletes train for 4 years to compete in these events! Wouldn’t haveing more stamina, more energy from the Energy Patches make a difference? They do. Energy Patches have in double blind studies produced 34% to 69% improvements in muscle endurance or stamina.

Athletes who are using the Energy Patches

Many members of the USA swimming team used the Energy Patches in training for this year’s 2004 Olympics held in Greece, including Michael Phelps.

Many of the top competitors in the Arm Wresting Championship held in October of 2004 used the Energy Patches.

Mr. Ronnie Coleman, 7 times winner of Mr. Olympia, is an official endorser of the Energy Patches.

Also, JoAnne Carner, LPGA Tour Hall of Fame Professional uses and endorses the Energy Patches from LifeWave.

Here’s a statement from a strength and conditioning trainer regarding the Energy Patches:

Mike Gailey, Former Professional Soccer Player, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, says, “I wanted to write you a testimonial about my experience with the LifeWave Patches. I am a former professional soccer player and have been a personal trainer for 12 years. I am amazed at the exercise endurance I get when I wear the patches. Let me give you my first day experience with the patches and you will see what got my attention.

I played tennis for 2 hours in the morning, went home and lifted weights, cut my lawn, ran with my 4 dogs (1 at a time), cleaned my house and ran with my dogs again without any drop in energy! I could not believe the difference the patches made. Since then, I have used them when I play tennis and when I lift. People always ask me how I do all the things I do in one day and I tell them the answer is simple, LifeWave.

I also would like to give some of the experiences I have had with my personal training clients:

77.2% increase in leg strength in a 4 week period for 2 of my clients (week 1 without patches and 3 weeks with them).

My clients are gaining between 30% and 77% strength monthly.

One client lost 7pounds in the second week she wore the LifeWave patches.

Every client is amazed at the great feeling they get when they wear the patches! I just thought you should know how much my clients and I love the LifeWave patches.”

Quick Recovery from Exertion:

Russia’s Olympic doctor (who uses cutting edge technology to measure athlete’s recovery from exertion times) was blown away to discover that their athletes who used the Energy Patches had recovery times after maximum exertion that were less than a minute as compared to several hours without the Energy Patches.

No Buzz, No Drugs, No Stimulants:

LifeWave Energy Patches provide nearly boundless energy and stamina. They help you to feel great all the time. They don’t provide this energy in a stimulative way. There is no caffeine buzz… followed by a crash. With the Energy Patches… nothing enters the body. Instead a tiny electromagnetic signal instructs your body’s cells through the natural electro-meridian circuitry of the body to burn fat for energy. Too simple… GREAT THINGS ARE SIMPLE.

The technology really works. It works almost immediately and it allows you to accomplish more than ever before. Listen to the following audio testimonials and try the Energy Patch today.

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