Glutathione – Your first defense to protect you from environmental toxins


Are environmental toxins making you fat? Clinical research shows that many people who seemingly cannot lose weight are in fact struggling with an overload of toxins that are trapped in the body. Based on the evidence that toxins are stored in fat cells, here is a simple premise: remove the toxins from your body, and you are better able to lose the extra weight; prevent toxins from entering your body, and you will be more successful at keeping the weight off.

Whether we like it or not, we accumulate toxins in our bodies from the food we eat, the household products we use every day, and even from the air we breathe. In fact, we are continuously being bombarded by environmental toxins, which is in large part unavoidable.

Glutathione is the human body’s master antioxidant.  As we age, become stressed, exposed to toxins, etc. our body becomes depleted of Glutathione.  Research studies around the world show that Glutathione protects our liver, eyes and even our hearing.  In fact, the United States Army Aeromedical has determined that Glutathione is the antioxidant that can protect our ears from hearing loss when we are subjected to loud noises.


The LifeWave Glutathione patch is the most powerful method that we know to safely, effectively and economically elevate your Glutathione levels.  Simply apply a glutathione patch any where along the midline of your body, and you will start to receive the benefits of this powerful antioxidant.

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