Glutathione: Super Antioxidant

Glutathione: Super Antioxidant

It’s been called the mother of all antioxidants, the master antioxidant, and the ultimate antioxidant. A scavenger of harmful free-radicals, it plays a critical role in expunging harmful toxins from our bodies. It even gives new life to other critical nutrients, like vitamins C and E. What is this super antioxidant? You probably have already guessed that it’s glutathione.

So, what’s so great about glutathione? Its most vital role is promoting your body’s natural cell detoxification by protecting cells from free radical damage. This is increasingly important as we face more and more toxic onslaught from the environment, food and chemicals in household products. The problem is that most of us stop producing glutathione at the age of 40, leaving us vulnerable to disease and accelerated aging.

The good news is that our Y-Age Glutathione patches offer an effective solution. While oral supplements are ineffective at boosting glutathione levels (14% increase in one month), Y-Age Glutathione has been shown to increase average blood glutathione levels by about 300% over a 5-day period!
For an excellent overview of how Glutathione protects the body, read this recent article from Experience Life Magazine. For more information on Y-Age Glutathione, visit

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