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What is the science behind the energy patches?

Answer by David Schmidt, inventor of life wave energy patches. One of the most common questions that people ask me is “How did you come up with this incredible technology”? So, I will share my story with you. Began inventing at 8 years old I was about 8 years old […]

Multi-Unit Patch Pricing Returns!

Multi-Unit Patch Pricing Returns! March 2, 2017ProductsLifeWave Inc. You spoke and we listened! Multi-unit patch pricing is back, which is great news for all LifeWave Distributors. With this change, you’ll only need to buy one patch sleeve (instead of two or more) to remain on Active Status for 31 days. […]

The Energy Patches provide seniors with a 2nd chance at childhood with:

The Energy Patches provides seniors with a 2nd chance at childhood with: significant increase in one’s capability for physical exertion Much more rapid recovery after exertion With Energy Patches… you won’t tire as rapidly… so you can walk further… dance longer… and enjoy yourself more.   In reviewing what seniors […]

LifeWave is a Slam Dunk for NBA Players

During Game 1 of the 2011 National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs in the United States on May 1, we noticed Boston Celtics forward Glen Davis sporting a familiar patch on the Stomach 36 point on his legs. The basketball star isn’t the first NBA player to be using LifeWave patches […]

Professional Korean Basketball Teams ENDORSE LifeWave Patches!

  LifeWave Announces New Product Endorsements! Professional Korean Basketball Teams ENDORSE LifeWave Patches! Dear LifeWave Team Members, We are excited to inform you that our LifeWave patches are now ENDORSED by the following professional basketball teams in Korea: – SK Knights – KTC Magic Wings – KCC Egis – LG […]