Aging, Fatigue and Mental Clarity, Keep Your Brain Functioning At Its Best!


It’s been well known for years that brain function, mental clarity and capacity diminish as we age. But research shows that this decrease may set in much earlier than originally expected.

A 7-year study conducted by Neurobiology of Aging researched the cognitive patterns of 2,000 healthy adults ages 18-60. Their findings were startling and saw:

  • Subtle declines in cognitive skills that occurred throughout the study;
  • A noticeable drop in abstract reasoning, brain speed and puzzle-solving test scores occurred at age 27;
  • And average memory declines were detected by age 37.

These results demonstrate a clear and urgent need for a way to preserve brain function and capacity well into one’s mid and late life stages. In addition to a decrease in mental clarity, surveys also show that most people, regardless of age, suffer from fatigue or “brain fog” during the course of any given day.

Carnosine is a powerful anti-oxidant that plays a crucial role in sustaining and preserving a healthy brain. It’s found naturally in the body and plays an important role in repairing damage already done to the body as a result of aging.

Though Carnosine is produced naturally in the body, its levels decrease as you age. Fortunately, LifeWave has your solution to mental clarity, brain fog and fatigue. In clinical studies, LifeWave’s Y-Age Carnosine has been proven to boost carnosine production in the body, and keep it elevated for prolonged periods of time. This leads to an improvement in cognitive function and improved organ function in the body.

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